How do you optimize your business listings?

Optimization is very important for each business. Therefore, we use the best categories, we choose the keyword suited for your business and we optimize the photos and the company description, accordingly, in order to receive the best ranking. Here are the factors we take into consideration when optimizing a listing:

  • Title Tags and URL are created for your business
  • Photos are tagged with the best keywords for your business
  • Add additional links of your properties or pages to content
  • Listing is completed to additional keywords and information
  • Double-check the business information and location
  • List the official website on your Places listing, in order to give improve Google search results
  • Use videos and images that help your listing be more visible
  • Add additional information, such as open hours and method of payment
  • Choose the most accurate category for your business in order to optimize google search results
  • Create a strong presence on the web in order to rank highly in search results.