USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore are the countries where you can receive our services. We are working on extending our services to other countries. (more…)

You can get a 5% discount for bulk orders. (more…)

You will get a list of directories and citation sites suited for your business after you make the order. We can also provide a short list of directories we use, so you will get an idea of what are the type of sites we use. However, we can’t provide with the full list, as it took years of research in order to create and maintain. (more…)

Yes, we accept both of them. However, sometimes in order to change the existing listings the directory asks for phone or email verification. In this case we need your help to get the verification codes. (more…)

We create an email account on one of the popular platforms (Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail) in order to receive the verification links. Using the unique email address, we create user accounts to each directory. You will be provided with them when everything is set up. (more…)

Our citation team of 10+ members, handles each submission manually for all campaigns.  We have deep knowledge of the directories and citation sites we use. For each campaign we follow the same steps:

  • Identify the best citations for the business
  • Create a unique campaign email account for verification
  • Check for duplicates on the listings
  • Submit the business details
  • Complete the submission by following the verification link
  • Create the profile URL
  • Provide you with the details about the account, including the email accounts and their passwords


Choose your country and the number of submissions

Complete the form with your business info

Proceed to payment

Pay with PayPal


The payment is accepted only via PayPal. Each campaign must be payed upfront. (more…)

The process is based on searching the essential keywords. We look if your business is already present online, we search for citation opportunities using your “location” san “business category” and then we find your competitors citations, using the same keywords, in order to make competitive citations. (more…)

Optimization is very important for each business. Therefore, we use the best categories, we choose the keyword suited for your business and we optimize the photos and the company description, accordingly, in order to receive the best ranking. Here are the factors we take into consideration when optimizing a listing:

  • Title Tags and URL are created for your business
  • Photos are tagged with the best keywords for your business
  • Add additional links of your properties or pages to content
  • Listing is completed to additional keywords and information
  • Double-check the business information and location
  • List the official website on your Places listing, in order to give improve Google search results
  • Use videos and images that help your listing be more visible
  • Add additional information, such as open hours and method of payment
  • Choose the most accurate category for your business in order to optimize google search results
  • Create a strong presence on the web in order to rank highly in search results.